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Abalone Shell Sparkle Earrings

Double-stacked natural abalone shell earrings frame the face in two sizes: Medium and XL, extending from the ear to mid-cheek (Medium size); or, all the way to the jawbone ( XL).  Accented with fine glitter tiger stripes and sealed in epoxy resin, these are the perfect accessory for a gala or a casual white-T with jeans, look.  Because of their natural nature, every piece is unique and has the slightest size/shape differential from its match.  


Natural polished abalone shell

available in gold tone stud (clip-ons available w/ email request)

color: iridescent teal, taupe, aqua, and black

1.5 to 2 inches for Medium size

3 to 3.5  inches from the lobe for XL

Epoxy resin

Handcrafted in California