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Rep SherawDanglers and get up to 20% off your first Purchase

SherawDanglers is a beauty brand, currently focused solely on  creating and promoting unique, handcrafted earrings that add vibrant color and fun to any red carpet or event. Over the next few weeks, we are building brand recognition.

In the meantime, we would love for you to join us in spreading the word about our one of a kind, earrings.  Become a Sheraw Rep and get 15% to 20% off, every time to tag us, or share us in your stories.  

How can I join?

First: follow us on IG and Facebook and follow the next three steps:

1. Before you shop our site,  do a re-post of one of our pics or videos on our IG page (you can choose), tag us, and write this short message, “Can’t wait to shop my @sherawdanglers earrings” Also: #sherawdanglers 

2. Once we see your tag, we will DM you your 15% discount code.  If you post on both your stories and permanent post, we will offer 20% code.  Code will be good for one week from the time we give it.  

3. Once you receive your pair, please post a picture, or video of yourself all dolled up in a pair of Danglers.  tag us:  @sherawdanglers and #sherawdanglers We will repost **you can also DM us some pics  **we will send you a 10% lifetime discount code to share with friends and family.  

Welcome to the team! We can't wait and are excited to work with you! 

Once you show us how lovely our Danglers look on you, we can complete  registration for your code 


*disclaimer:  By agreeing to rep of our earrings, you give SherawDanglers the right to use any posts you make (publicly), with our tag,  for website, IG, or Facebook. We will always give you your credit and will not use your photos/likeness for anything inappropriate, or alter your images.  Thank you for helping to spread the word.  




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